GDS Jam 2020 - Czechoslovak Edition

GDS Jam is 48h hackathon which will happen from 6th to 8th of November organized by us and Charles University. This year we are joining forces also with Game Days Košice and Bratislava Game Jam to create special Czechoslovak edition of this jam.


Three weeks before our main conference you will be able to attend awesome hackathon in making games. Anybody can sign up and compete for honor and fun. Even though this year edition will be digital only we will still try to create an opportunity to meet new friends, acquire new skills, try out new ideas, be creative. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned game developer, GDS Game Jam is for you.


  • 6. – 8. 11. 2020 (Friday – Sunday)
  • as the main gamejam platform
  • GDS Discord channel as a main communcation platform
  • Facebook event to stay connected and invite your friends
  • The game jam is opened for everybody and is completely free!

For more information and registrations visit our game jam site.


All participants who will submit a game or who will be a contributor to some submission may vote on the games.

There will be 6 categories to rank the games with:

  • Overall impression (PRIMARY CATEGORY)
  • Theme (is the game related to the theme?)
  • Innovation (gamplay is innovative?)
  • Fun (game is fun to play?)
  • Visuals (nice looking game?)
  • Music & Sounds (nice audio in the game?)

Max team size - 4 jammers; join the jam; submit your game on time to!
Code of Conduct - Be kind and polite!
Jam Terms & Conditions - Lawyerish regular stuff!


The event is organized in cooperation with GAME DEVELOPMENT @CUNI.CZ and our partners Game Days Košice and Bratislava Game Jam.

GDS Jam 2020 is supported by City of Prague.

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